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Enterprise Open Source Forms & Survey Software

Create flexible forms to collect data and know what your customers really think.

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How satisfied are your customers?

Mesure satisfaction in just a few steps

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Get your form ready in minutes using our real-time editor and over 26 different question types

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Share your survey across multiple channels to reach your customers anywhere anytime

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Be it mobile, desktop or tablets gather all the important data you need to either online or offline

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Integrated reports will show you the exact level of satisfaction of your customers

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Design the survey you need

Using our state-of-the-art form designer you will be able to build any form in just a couple of drag and drops without any technical knowledge.

All our forms can be build using a wide range of answer widgets like fields, selections, file uploads, calendars that can all be extended very easily extended using plain HTML and any existing javascript library to reuse and integrate all your favorite existing javascript components.

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Match your corporate style

Adapt easily your forms styles to your company's brand using our real time based CSS editor to customize every single part of your form to create beautiful themes that you can reuse across your surveys.

And as no brand goes without a logo ngSurvey features also a media gallery where you can upload your favorite company logos for reuse in your forms layouts, questions or answers.

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Reach anyone anytime anywhere

Reach out as many customers as possible and distribute your surveys across multiple channels campaigns like email invitations, web links or sms*, embed questions directly into your invitations to get instant feedback and thanks to its responsive design ngSurvey' forms can run on any kind of device.

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Know your customers

Analyze your data using advanced reporting features that can compute not only standard respondent responses but that can also calculate sentiment values based on free text based answers or give you detailed statistics about your customers satisfactions using industry standards NPS scores.

Should you need further analysis ngSurvey allows you also to easily export your data, access them using the REST API or directly from your own database using the on-premise version.

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Packed with features to get the job done!

ngSurvey comes with all features you need to create the perfect forms in no time

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From radio button based questions to matrix based questions ngSurvey has all the questions you need to create your survey as well as NPS, CSAT and CES question to mesure your customers satisfaction.

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ngSurvey comes out of the box with pre-built widgets like calendars, file uploads, fields, captchas that you can use anywhere in your forms. If any is missing create new one using any existing Javascript/HTML based code.

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Show or hide dynamically questions, pages or thank you messages based on your customer's answer. Using our rules builder you will be able to set up skip logic and branching conditions withifn your surveys in just a few minutes.

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Configure your surveys to let your respondent save their answers and resume their progress anytime using custom login credentials, user defined tokens or randomly generated values. No answers will be ever lost again.

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Protect your surveys access using our unique extensible security pipeline that let you add layer of protections like passwords, captcha, logins or your own remote http functions to prevent unauthorized access to your forms.

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Create email invitations using embed questions and distribute your surveys to your contacts using email campaigns and track individual answers using a unique code and setup reminders to make sure that every contact answers your surveys.

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React quickly to respondent answers and get real time notification of respondent's activity using email alerts that will send you an email on each submission or webhooks that will call you favorite API on each new record.

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Not everyone speaks english, thats why ngSurvey supports all common languages and let you translate your surveys and forms labels using the auto translate features or to export them in JSON to send them to yourtranslators.

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Match your corporate style using your own images and our real-time editor to create custom themes that can be customized manually using CSS for those who need a fine-grained control over the design.

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ngSurvey comes with all the tools needs to measure customer satisfaction either using questions like NPS, CSAT or CES or through sentiment scores computation based on respondent's free text based answers.

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Create customers panels structures that you can fill with new data that you can reuse in your campaigns, forms or re-use existing data from your favorite Microsoft SQL Server tables, CRM's or Excel CSV files.

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Beside having its source code available ngSurvey integrates easily with third party services like Zapier to get the most out of your survey and forms. External developers can also use our REST API to integrate with ngSurvey.

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